Five Reasons to Eat More Cucumber

November 21st, 2014
Cucumbers have some serious—and unexpected—health benefits. Here are five of them.

Cucumbers are more than just a salad accessory. They’re an easy—and delicious—way to get extra health perks in just about every meal. In fact, they pack serious benefits that can give you a boost from the inside out.

Here are five reasons to eat more cucumber:

1. Fights Cancer: Cucumbers are rich in lignans. Research shows these compounds can help prevent breast, colon, and prostate cancers. Cucumber extracts have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power.

The research is still early. But its phytonutrients—like cucurbitacins—and vitamin C content could be responsible. They help prevent enzymes (like COX-2) from creating inflammation that can lead to cancer. In fact, Big Pharma is looking at cucurbitacins as the basis for a new generation of anti-cancer drugs.

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This Natural Instinct Raises Alzheimer’s Risk

New research reveals that it isn’t just depression that can raise your risk for Alzheimer’s. Just having anxiety might increase your risk by at least 33%.

Anxiety is a natural response to stress. But whether it pushes you to rise to a challenge or makes you not want to leave your house, it’s putting you in danger. And we don’t just mean the jitters.

It could be raising your risk for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) by over 100%.1

Your Secret Weapon for Stopping Seizures

It’s a diet you won’t hear about in the mainstream… They think it’s doomed to fail. But the truth is that it may help reduce—even do away with—epileptic seizures.

You know that eating a high-fat diet does more than just help you maintain your health. It may help you fight off disease.

And new research proves it—yet again.

A team of experts at the Mid-Atlantic Epilepsy and Sleep Center examined the role of diet in epilepsy. It’s a chronic condition that causes frequent seizures. And it’s more common than you might think—about 2.3 million adults and half a million children suffer from it.

Your Five-Minute Secret for a Healthy Heart

It only takes five minutes of your time—and minimal effort—to help prevent major damage to your heart.

Not long ago we told you that sitting causes major damage to your health. That’s because just two hours of it erases the benefits of 20 minutes of exercise. And it can raise your cancer risk by 10%.

It’s a simple way to sabotage your heart health… Without knowing it.

Now think about how much time you spend off your feet each day…