Five Foods That Help Keep Blood Sugar in Check

October 31st, 2014
Lowering your blood sugar isn’t just about the foods you avoid. Adding these foods will help you fight sugar cravings and keep glucose levels under control.

The Independent Healing Sugar Free 30 Challenge is officially underway… And if you’ve been following along, you’re already familiar with the foods you should be avoiding. It’s a long list. That’s because added sugars—and sweet imitators—are hard to get away from. But there are also foods you should be seeking out. They can help you beat cravings…and even lower your blood sugar in the process.

Here are five foods that help keep blood sugar in check:

1. Pistachios: A Spanish study found that eating a diet high in pistachios helped subjects lower their glucose uptake by almost 80%. This means they needed less sugar to get the same amount of energy output from their cells. Just make sure to skip the roasted and flavored varieties. You should even avoid salted and shelled nuts. Eating them may take a little more work, but raw pistachios in the shell are your best bet.

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This Misunderstood Antioxidant Helps Boost Memory

Don’t let the mainstream fool you—this antioxidant comes with serious health benefits. New research reveals it can boost your memory and protect your brain.

Health Watch readers know that resveratrol is a controversial antioxidant. We’ve told you before about the heart-healthy benefits of it…though some “experts” are quick to dismiss them. But the numbers tell a different story.

According to new research from Germany, there’s a new reason to seek out more of it. Now you can add cognitive support to its already impressive list of benefits.

This Hidden Ingredient Makes Fast Food Even More Dangerous

Taco Bell tried to come clean about what’s really in their products. It raised even more questions… But this may be the most disturbing secret ingredient of all.

You know that eating fast food is one of the worst things you can do for your health… And we’re not even talking about the “pink slime” scandal. It’s not even because of the ammonium hydroxide they use to “wash” their beef products. There are plenty of dangers they don’t even try to hide from you. Just look at Taco Bell.

To start things off, their “beef” is only 88% meat. Call us crazy, but we prefer 100% beef… Not some meat and some “other stuff.” And when you take a closer look at that “other stuff,” things get even shadier…

This Oil Stops 90% of Brain Inflammation

The benefits of fish oil go way beyond joint and heart health… Recent research shows it may protect your brain from alcohol damage and helps prevent dementia.

Most people don’t realize that alcohol abuse is a major risk factor in developing dementia. Even though it makes perfect sense. It causes inflammation that damages—even kills—brain cells.

But now a recent study reveals there’s a simple natural solution for preventing brain inflammation and cell death from alcohol. And you don’t have to be an alcoholic—or even a drinker—to benefit from it.