Protect Your Heart With Bacteria

August 27th, 2014
Probiotics may be one of the easiest ways to help shield your heart from this deadly condition… Even if you’re already living with it.

As Health Watch readers you know how important probiotics are for independent healing.

Their main job is to help balance and replenish your gut bacteria. This helps keep your immune system strong against invading germs. Gut balance is also critical for proper digestion. It can even help you lose body fat. But the benefits of probiotics go further than that…

We’ve told you before that these good bacteria can boost your mood. And the right probiotics can help you ease allergies, or lose weight. Probiotics even help get rid of dental plaque and bad breath. But new research reveals another unexpected—but welcome—perk of getting enough probiotics…

It’s a problem that 1-3 adults in the U.S. deal with. And less than half of these nearly 70 million people have this condition under control.

It’s a contributing—or primary—cause of over 1,000 deaths daily. You may struggle with it yourself. And if you don’t, probiotics may help you keep it that way…

Probiotics may be one of the easiest ways to help shield your heart from this dangerous—even deadly—condition.

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This Deadly Smog Can Stop Your Heart

It’s more than just gross. Air pollution could put your heart—even your life—at serious risk.

You might not think about air pollution until you smell fumes or see smog. Even then, you may think it’s more gross than dangerous. But it may be one of the most overlooked—and dangerous—threats as you age. And not just for your lungs.

Air pollution is responsible for more than 3.2 million deaths per year. Surprisingly, most are the result of heart—not lung—damage.1 And a new study from the U.K. shows things may be worse than we thought…

Ignore The Study: This Dangerous Drug Won’t Prevent Dementia

Taking this type 2 diabetes medication to protect your brain could destroy your health in the process.

Fighting off dementia with a simple pill may sound too good to be true… And unfortunately it is.

A recent study by The German Center for Neurodegenerative Disease followed 145,717 seniors over the course of six years. They found that taking the diabetes medication Actos lowered dementia risk by about 6%.1

It’s not exactly an overwhelming effect… But these results somehow “prove” what doctors have thought for some time: Diabetes drugs may also work in your brain to help prevent dementia—even Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

In theory, it makes sense…

Some experts call AD “type 3” diabetes. We told you in the 2013 issue of Natural Health Dossier thatyour brain relies on insulin and glucose to help regulate hormones. It also uses them to make connections between neurons. But having type 2 diabetes increases your risk for AD by as much as 65%. It also makes you up to three times more likely to develop dementia. And Big Pharma is trying hard to capitalize on this connection.

Friday Five: Five Reasons to Eat More Beets

Eating beets comes with some major—and surprising—health benefits. Here are five big ones.

Beets might not be your favorite vegetable… But they’re not a food you want to avoid. Eating beets comes with some major—and surprising—health benefits. And they go way beyond skin, hair, and nail health. We’re talking about game-changing—even life-changing—perks from one bulbous beet.

Here are five reasons to eat more beets.