These Drugs Are Cutting Your Life Short

July 30th, 2014
They’re the most dangerous drugs your doctor can give you. It’s bad enough they don’t work… But new research shows they may be shortening your lifespan.

They’re one of the most dangerous medications your doctor can ever prescribe. And it doesn’t help that they give them out like candy.

A recent CDC report found that half of men—and nearly 40% of women—between 65 and 74 had taken this drug in the last 30 days. This number doubled in men alone in just 10 years. Now new research shows they’re even deadlier than we thought—which is hard to believe.

The warning comes from researchers at the University of Colorado Cancer Center. Their study followed 381 terminal cancer patients. They all had a very high likelihood of dying within a year.

Each subject had been taking these drugs for at least three months… But half of them stopped for this study. After one year, researchers found that this group had a nearly 20% higher survival rate. Keep in mind, these drugs are supposed to help lower your risk for heart attack and stroke. But there’s a problem…

They don’t work. And that’s the best case scenario.

You know the damage these can cause… But if you’re already dealing with a serious illness, these medications could kill you in less than a year.

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What That New Study Won’t Tell You About Alzheimer’s

New research suggests this natural solution to Alzheimer’s doesn’t work… Here’s how they dropped the ball.

As a Health Watch reader, you know there are natural ways to prevent Alzheimer’s disease (AD). But a new study claims one of them may now be off the table entirely.

A team of researchers at Oxford wanted to study the effects of vitamins B12 and folic acid (B9) on homocysteine—a substance linked to increased AD risk. They looked at clinical trial data from 22,000 people across 11 different trials. What they found surprised us…

These Hair Dyes May Be Giving You Cancer

The dangers of hair dye go way beyond stains and strong odors... New research from Sweden reveals your favorite hair coloring may actually be giving you cancer.

They’re dangerous compounds that can cause cancer. The EU banned them in the early 1990s because of their link to bladder cancer alone. But experts were warning of the dangers of these deadly compounds as far back as the 1970s.

That’s when about 90% of commercial hair dyes contained these carcinogens.1 These chemicals are supposed to be gone from most cosmetics…

But not according to the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. It reveals that 98% of hair color and bleaching products contain moderate to high-hazard chemicals.2 And a new study proves how much of a threat they still are…especially in the United States.

Five Natural Alternatives to Sunscreen

Don’t waste your time with sunscreen. They’re downright dangerous. Here are five natural alternatives.

No matter what the mainstream keeps telling you, sunscreen won’t help you avoid skin cancer.

Some even contain harmful chemicals—like oxybenzone—that can lead to skin conditions…or worse.1 We’ve told you before that it’s the snake oil of the 21st century. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect your skin if you’re spending your weekends at the beach or enjoying the outdoors…

Here are five natural alternatives to sunscreen that help prevent cancer…and sunburns.