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Your Best Hope of Curing Prostate Cancer?!

What your doctor doesn't know about today's most popular prostate treatments. And how one renegade French MD discovered the secret to beating prostate disease (reportedly curing over 2,000 men without drugs … chemotherapy … or surgery!).

Dear friend,

Those guys with softball-sized, tumor-stricken, impossible-to-pee-through prostates might need the machine pictured above.

It's a robot used for prostate surgery.

The manufacturers and doctors who use it claim it snips, slices, and saws through cancer with less "collateral damage" to surrounding nerves … leading to quicker healing time for your sensitive bits (meaning you can quit wearing diapers and get back to a somewhat normal sex life faster than any other surgical method).

But that doesn’t mean this machine is right for you.

In fact, if you are a man over 40 who hasn't been diagnosed with cancer … but  you are feeling a bit sluggish, finding it increasingly hard to tinkle, or can't quite always "get it up" like you used to …

 … then the next few pages could help you avoid the "half-mast" erections, leaky bladder syndrome, outright penis shrinkage, and all of the other nasty and emasculating side effects of traditional prostate cancer treatments …

  • Without robotic surgery (or any other type of "knife-based" procedure)
  • Without dangerous radiation
  • And without drugs

Here's the story …

30 years ago researchers studying sexual identity stumbled upon an unusual category of people in the Dominican Republic. This group was born "female." But upon hitting puberty they suddenly sprouted genitalia and declared themselves male.

How did this happen?

A genetic defect. A very rare one that results in the overproduction of an "evil" form of testosterone.

Now Here's Where the Story
Gets Really Weird

Not only can this "evil" testosterone wreak havoc on sexual identity … but new research is discovering it's also at the center of prostate disease!

Before I share with you the startling research, I promise you there is a good side to this story.

Back in the 1970s, (when doctors were still surgically removing testicles to treat prostate cancer) Dr. John Lee – a Harvard trained doctor – formulated a simple cream that counteracted this "evil" testosterone.

It could not only stop prostate disease from progressing … but could also reverse it completely (without turning you into a eunuch)!

What's even more amazing is that this treatment is cheap, quick, and painless too. It doesn't wreck your ability to pee or have sex (in fact, in some cases it may even reverse so called "normal" age-related erectile dysfunction).

So why haven't you heard of it?

Because most doctors at that time (and even some today), thought Dr. Lee's prostate treatment was downright crazy. And it's all because of the mistaken beliefs of one doctor with a sharp knife and a wild guess …

The Story of the Doctor Who Chops Off Testicles

After a series of surgeries in 1941 – and this should make every man cringe – Dr. Maurice Huggins discovered that by removing the testicles he could stop the spread of prostate cancer (this also murdered sex drive, stripped off lean muscle mass and supercharged fat gain … but that's a different story).

And since your testicles manufacture testosterone, Dr. Huggins theorized that high testosterone was the cause of prostate cancer.

Every mainstream doctor has had this erroneous "testosterone causes prostate cancer" theory drilled into them … for the last seventy years. (That's why so many drugs that treat prostate disease strip away all the testosterone that makes men "manly.")

The bad news is that men who are "chemically castrated" like this end up just like Dr. Huggins's unfortunate patients … low libido, no muscle tone, and flabby guts.

But, Dr. Huggins was on to something.

Your testes do pump out a substance that causes prostate cancer. But it's not testosterone.

Testosterone's "Evil Twin"

This isn't rocket science, and you shouldn't over think it …

But testosterone has an "Evil Twin." On a molecular level, they are almost identical – your body can't tell the difference – but instead of being good for you like regular testosterone … it absolutely wrecks your prostate!

It's kind of like putting diesel in a gasoline engine.

At first you won't notice much of a difference.  But very quickly your engine will start to stutter and stall. It won't want to start up in the morning as easily. And then one day you'll have a major breakdown.

The same thing happens in your body.

When this "Evil Twin" begins to replace regular, healthy testosterone … all sorts of bad things happen, your:

  • Sexual appetite plummets, taking those "diamond cutter" erections of your youth along with it (you'll have fewer orgasms too)

  • Estrogen levels skyrocket, inciting emotional outbursts like a teenage girl and hot-flashes common to the "Golden Girls" crowd

  • Prostate swells like a water balloon, clamping down on your bladder and making it almost impossible to pee

It's what forced those poor people in the Dominican Republic into sexual limbo for over a decade. And emerging evidence suggests it's what sends your risk of developing prostate cancer … through … the … roof!

However, the treatment you're about to discover not only flushes this "Evil Twin" out of your body … It does it without all the side effects common to drugs or surgery.

Quite literally it could change the face of prostate cancer treatment forever!

French doctor George Debled believes in it.

He treated his prostate cancer patients by addressing the levels of Testosterone's "Evil Twin" and he – over a span of twenty years – reportedly helped…

Over 2,000 Men Beat Prostate Disease
Without Losing a Single Patient!

Modern science is catching up too …

In a study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers watched in astonishment as participants saw a 25% drop in the risk of prostate cancer after artificially lowering their levels of testosterone's "Evil Twin."

A doctor at UCLA School of Medicine says putting the brakes on the "Evil Twin" results not only in symptom relief of enlarged prostate … but actual prostate shrinkage!

And Merck pharmaceuticals is dumping millions on a drug aimed at wiping out the "Evil Twin" (if you choose to take it, watch out for the nasty side effects).

So, what exactly is the cheap, quick, and painless treatment that neutralizes the "Evil Twin"? That could practically eliminate the threat of prostate disease without drugs, surgery, or radiation?

It's all revealed in a new report called, Defeating the "Evil Twin": The New Revolution in Prostate Cancer Treatment.

Now listen, this is not a miracle cure.

Like I said at the beginning of this letter, if your prostate is so big that you're starting to look pregnant … or … you can't pee more than a shot glass at a time, you should stop reading right now and seriously consider surgery.

This is powerful, but it's not magic.

However, if you haven't hit "code red" yet, then this could be the most exciting discovery of your life.

Here's just a little bit of what's in this hot new report:

  • How to banish prostate problems for good. No drugs … no radiation … no injections … no surgery (so easy, your child could do it for you) Pg 22

  • Five early warning signs for prostate cancer. And the quick fix to help beat back every single one Pg 23

  • Are you at risk for developing prostate cancer? A painless home test that will deliver the odds to your door Pg 24

  • What recent dietary change may have triggered a rise in prostate cancer deaths and how to avoid this simple mistake Pg 17

  • Why clueless doctors rush you into surgery (sometimes in as little as 48 hours) even though there is no proof surgery cures prostate cancer! Pg 3

  • The truth about sex after prostate surgery. The big lie doctors tell men (and why you absolutely must learn how to use a "penis pump" before you have surgery) pg 7

While we're on the topic of surgery …

Why Haven't Men Been Told These Facts
About Prostate Cancer Surgery?

Prostate surgery is safer than ever …

 … Chemotherapy no longer zaps your entire body with radiation, instead only targeting the cancerous cells (leaving healthy tissue untouched) …

 … Cryosurgeons can inject little gusts of sub-zero liquid nitrogen into your prostate and freeze the cancer out of you …

 … and new surgery methods (like robotic surgery) may be better at sparing the delicate nerves that control erections and urinary function.

New technology is obviously safer.

In fact, doctors claim that patients who opt for robotic surgery will regain as much as 95% of their pre-surgery sexual drive, stamina and penis size. However, actual results and first-hand accounts from patients paint a much uglier picture.

A New York Times piece titled "Regrets After Prostate Surgery" reveals some interesting facts.

In stark contrast to the men returning to nearly full sexual performance, George Washington University and New York University researchers found that …

Fewer Than Half of the Men Felt Their
Sex Lives Had Returned to Normal
Within a Year After Surgery!

Further proof come from the medical journal European Urology. They report that one in five men who undergo prostate surgery to treat cancer later regrets the decision.

And most telling, Duke University researchers discovered men who had undergone robotic surgery were … get this … four times more likely to regret their choice than men who had undergone the open procedure.

What's going on here? If this new robotic surgery is supposedly so much better than the older prostate surgery methods, how come so many men are unhappy with their results?

In Defeating the "Evil Twin": The New Revolution in Prostate Cancer Treatment you'll discover the truth about life after surgery including:

  • Three piece suits to diapers. What caused a once proud alpha male lawyer to cry uncontrollably like a little girl. Pg 13

  • Why men continue to involuntarily pee themselves up to 5 years after surgery! Pg 10

  • Why mainstream medicine calls prostate cancer "the inevitable disease" (hint: it's because they are clueless about the real ways to stop it) Pg 3

  • Warning: The truth about PSA tests! Two ways PSA scores scare you into believing you have cancer when you might not … and when it can save your life! Pg 12

  • Why lower back pain may warn you of problems with your prostate and …

The Only Treatment That Is Recognized
by the National Cancer Institute That
Doesn’t Cause Erectile Dysfunction!

In addition to testosterone's "Evil Twin" you'll learn dozens of strategies for slashing your risk of succumbing to prostate disease:

  • Do you have this "sweet smelling" substance in your shower that may cause your prostate to swell? pg 22

  • How one man beat prostate cancer with his mind (and is still kicking 20 years later) Pg 10

  • Diets for prostate health (and diets that make it worse) Pg 25

  • What vegetarians know about prostate health (and how to get all their benefits without giving up big juicy steaks) Pg 26

  • 15 superfoods that shrink your prostate and 3 that will puff it up bigger than a softball! Pg 27

  • The little known secrets of "biological medicine" for prostate health! pg 29

Plus 15 prostate protecting supplements including what type of saw palmetto works (and which is a scam) … why you need fish oil (and what you're missing if you don't eat fish as well) … what Australian doctors discovered after injecting mice with vitamin E … a 10th century wonder herb … which mushrooms work … and an oil used in traditional middle eastern cooking that kills prostate cancer cells!

Would you like to see exactly how thousands of men have beaten this "inevitable disease"? Would you like to pee at will? And go all night long like a stud without the help of the "little blue pill"?

Shuts Off the Spigot that Fuels Cancer

Here's the bottom line. Testosterone's "Evil Twin" literally feeds your body the building blocks of prostate cancer … and … no matter what your doctor may say, surgery is not your only option.

Sure you can slice, irradiate or freeze the cancerous cells out, but unless you stamp out the "Evil Twin" you're just setting the stage for the cancer to grow right back (that's why post-operative prostate cancer patients must have their PSA levels tested every 3 months … for life).

But you can learn ways to turn off the cancer fuel spigot with the secrets in Defeating the "Evil Twin": The New Revolution in Prostate Cancer Treatment.

No cancer means you never come face to face with the menacing robotic surgery machine … you never have to use a vacuum pump or enough Viagra for a rhino just to please your wife … and you don't have to wear diapers while playing golf with your buddies because of incontinence.

Here’s How to Put These Powerful Strategies
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