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These natural health secrets are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Because if you DO know these, you can use them to live a very long, very healthy and very happy life! But this will cost the multi-billion-dollar "Medical Establishment" with greedy drug companies and insurance companies lost profits. So they keep these secrets hidden and discredited as much as they can! And they have the power and money to hide this life-enhancing and life-saving information!

For example, the amazing health benefits of taking Fish Oil with Omega-3's was discredited and kept hidden by the powers-that-be for 20 years! And the top 3 natural joint pain relief nutrients were said to be "ineffective" by "Big Medicine" for two decades! I could go on and on with all the PURE HOGWASH the average consumer reads and hears!

Like sheep being led to slaughter, "Big Medicine" tells you: "Do what you are told! Don't question anything we "authorities" tell you to do. Don't ask if anything natural is safer! Don't do any research because its not reliable! We know what's best for you - just do it!"

Now you can avoid toxic drugs which poison your body and vital organs when natural safe, proven, low-cost alternatives are available! Refuse risky surgery that is not needed but the hospitals gets rich on. Say no to tests you don't need that take up your whole day. End the stress and anxiety the health care system gives you that you don't have to suffer from.


These can relieve or COMPLETELY END YOUR CURRENT HEALTH PROBLEMS that you have with your energy level, body weight, sexual performance, eyesight, hearing, memory, joint pain, concentration, blood sugar and other health problems.

Welcome to the best years of your life! While other people your age suffer - you will feel, look and perform like you were 20 years younger with these amazing anti-aging secrets. Yes - enjoy better health now than you did decades ago like thousands of other folks are doing!


The research team at Natural Health Dossier has uncovered the low-cost and free ways to naturally heal your health problems, feel better and live longer! Of course, "Billion Dollar Big Medicine" hope you will NEVER read these health secrets!

Anti-Aging is Not Hogwash, and It's No Joke.

It's the most exciting area of medical research being conducted today, and the major research universities have programs that are already finding astounding solutions!

Follow the proven strategies we'll reveal and you'll feel the difference in days and weeks... not months, years. Don't let yourself or one of your loved ones circle down the drain of chronic illness, pain, or disability.

The NEW Secrets of Anti-Aging...
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Let our researchers unlock for you the new secrets of anti-aging. You'll quickly see why I am 100% certain you can stop the clock and even turn it back if you follow the steps revealed in our newest report.

There's nothing fancy, hard, or expensive. We explain, in clear language, what's going on. And what you can do about it.

How can I be so sure?

Because I have seen these new methods work for real men and women just like you. The information I'm going to share with you can help you defy aging in the privacy of your own home... without expensive doctors, drugs, or unproven methods.

It all begins with the realization that... like any other symptoms,

The Symptoms of Aging Are A Signal That
Your Body Needs Something.

If your system is out of balance, you know it and try to act to correct the imbalance. But when it comes to aging, we've been fed a load of horse manure and unsubstantiated assumptions our entire lives.

Emerging research from top experts in this "new" field of anti-aging suggests that anti-aging is within the grasp of all of us.

But first, let me ask you a question...

Do You Want To Grow Old Like Your Mom and Dad?

You may be one of the lucky ones. Your loved ones may have sailed through their 80's and died in their sleep in their 90's after a healthy, robust life.

Many of us are not so fortunate. We saw our parents and loved ones suffer and die early from chronic, degenerative disease.

If you're in that camp, here's the tragedy: If your Mom and Dad had known the secrets in our report, their experience of aging could have been totally different - and your ideas and expectations about aging would be 180 degrees from what they probably are today!

You have an incredible opportunity. You can take advantage of the latest anti-aging research, learn how it applies to your own life, and how to stay on the best track possible.

The results can be far greater than your wildest dreams.

Make Your Doctor Work for You
Essential Tests for Optimal Health and Longevity

  • We'll tell you how to test for adrenal gland fatigue, and the three botanicals and amino acids that can restore that critical gland to health and managing stress...
  • We'll tell you all about the remarkable anti-aging properties of DHEA, the essential precursor to estrogen and testosterone...
  • We'll tell you how you can raise levels of the true "fountain of youth" hormone, HGH, without using expensive shots from the doctor. HGH is probably the most important hormone of all, because adequate levels of HGH can reverse...

    • Energy Loss
    • Muscle Loss
    • Bone Loss

HGH can also improve thinning, wrinkling skin... loss of sexual drive and poor performance.... We'll tell you three lifestyle ways to boost your HGH and two specific supplements to boost this age-killing hormone.

We'll also tell you how to boost your brain power... optimize your nutrition...greatly reduce or eliminate two common aging accelerators... and how to incorporate fun, "do-able" fitness into your anti-aging plan.

As a bonus, we'll give you a list of the absolute best over-the-counter anti-aging supplements, plus dosages. Again - not one requires a prescription; every single one can be found at your drug store and on the internet.

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Your "Golden" Years Can Be Amazing or Agonizing. You Choose.

Would you like to remain strong and active... your mind as sharp as a tack... hardly ever experiencing a sniffle, much less a serious disease... with the ability and energy to travel and enjoy your time with family and friends?

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Or would you prefer to plan your calendar around doctor's appointments, planted in front of the TV watching reruns in between doctor's tests, running to the drug store, unable to fully engage in the things you love to do and the people you love to be with?

The answer is obvious. We all want to keep as much of our youth, health and vigor as we can, well into our later years.

There is a very good chance you will live longer than your ancestors. But what good is it to add years to your life, if there is no life in your years?

Knowing the secrets of anti-aging will give you the power to keep your mind and body in peak condition, birthday after birthday.

These secrets could also slash your risk of a whole list of degenerative diseases.

So let's take a sneak peak at the information packed into our 25-page Anti-Aging Report an e-book brimming with techniques that are easy to implement and will unlock the secrets to aging gracefully...

  • First, you'll find out what the heck is going on with your body! Aging doesn't have to be a mystery - sure, your body is an interrelated system, but this report spells out what's happening in plain language. Bottom line: When one area gets off kilter, it affects the rest of your body.

  • Discover the 11 deadly "age accelerators," how to identify them - and how to banish them from your life for renewed energy and vigor!

  • Find out which amino acid skyrockets your risk of Parkinson's, Heart Disease, Alzheimer's, even Impotence. More important - find out how to protect yourself! (It's easy, and we tell you just how to do it. No doctors or prescription drugs required!)

  • Understand the threat of Insulin Resistance and how it can rob you of years of vitality... but only if you let it! The latest statistics suggest more than 54 million Americans are pre-diabetic, find out if you're one of them... But here's the good news - our report shows you how this precursor to full-blown diabetes can be reversed through moderate changes in diet, exercise, and by adding three common, drug store vitamins and minerals to your diet. (Yup, it can be just that easy!)

  • A key factor in 80% of all disease! The answer may surprise you. It's a lifestyle affliction that can rob you of decades of happy, healthy living! We'll show you what it is and what to do (cut out refined sugar to start) plus four other tips to combat this hidden age accelerator. Plus, two supplements - again, available at any good drugstore or online - that can speed up turning around the effects of this hidden threat.

  • How to get a good night's sleep - maybe your first in years! Learn what's keeping you from 8 hours of delicious, restorative sleep each night. Plus simple lifestyle changes and the one critical supplement that can send you off to dreamland to get the kind of sleep that will help your body really regenerate.

  • The Hormone-Health connection. Hands down, unbalanced hormones are a top age accelerator, yet most of us just shrug and say, "well, that's the way it is."

It's not the way it is. Yes, if your hormones are unbalanced, your chances of healthy aging are slim. But there are exciting new therapies that can set you right.

In this report, we'll tell you what they are, and the the right way (and the wrong way) to go about using them to literally rebalance your health - including several easy ways to use diet to help rebalance your hormones for optimum aging...

Not only that, you'll discover...
Four ways to increase testosterone using natural botanicals and minerals...

How to normalize your thyroid function (Hint: even if you've had your levels checked, the conventional tests were probably worse than useless. We'll tell what tests to get and how to interpret them)...

Four common, drug-store supplements that can get your thyroid back on top. You'll feel the boost of energy from a well-tuned thyroid, just like a well-tuned car performing at its peak!

Plus, we'll tell you how to pump up life-saving muscle mass and blast away age-related fat. And we'll show you how to successfully combat bone loss, increase your lung function, and your heart capacity.

Here's the bottom line: Our editors have prepared a very special anti-aging report called Turning Back The Clock: Living Your Glory Days At Any Age that is guaranteed to...

  • Simplify the complex process of aging with easy-to-understand explanations.
  • Help you manage the process of aging by optimizing your health.
  • Help you avoid frailty, falls, fractures, forgetfulness, and an ever-widening reliance on prescription pills.
  • Give you the specific steps to take to feel invigorated, mentally alert, and physically stronger than ever.
  • Tell you exactly how you can easily fix underlying problems rather than just covering up the symptoms.

This amazing, easy to read report gathers all the best, cutting-edge information and puts your health in your hands.

Think about it. Instead of "falling apart," all you need is a couple of simple tests and natural remedies that you can mostly implement on your own. There's nothing radical involved in staying fit your entire life!

Your Health Is Your Best Investment

Before I tell you the cost of Turning Back The Clock: Living Your Glory Days At Any Age, let me ask you a couple of questions...

Do you have a friend or family member who is 40 but feels more like 65 or 70? Do you know anyone who complains of chronic pain and lack of "get up and go"? Do you know anyone who has aches and pains and still feels tired even after 8 hours of sleep? How about friends (maybe you) who haven't gotten a good night's sleep for years?

What would it be worth to those friends, family, and associates if you had information that could help them.

What would this information be worth to you?

It would be priceless, of course.

That is exactly what you'll find in Turning Back The Clock: Living Your Glory Days At Any Age - knowledge and advice that is potentially life-saving, priceless beyond measure!

But the best news of all is that you don't have to pay a fortune for this information and cutting-edge advice. In fact, our new digital e-book, Turning Back The Clock: Living Your Glory Days At Any Age, is yours for just $24.95 - and your satisfaction is guaranteed. That's right...

If you are not 100% satisfied, just let me know within 365 days for a full refund. And keep the e-book free, with my compliments - that way, you risk nothing.

You don't have to wait for a hard copy. You can download it right now and get started right away!

Yes, I want to get younger and sexier, send me the report NOW

I personally guarantee your satisfaction 100%

There is absolutely no risk and you are under no obligation. If you don't agree that what you learn will dramatically help you slow down and manage your aging, make you feel better, sleep better, enjoy sex again, and improve the lives of family and friends... if you don't find the information to be vitally important, then just let me know in 365 days and I'll refund your credit card for the full amount. That's right, you have a full year. If you change your mind, there will be no questions asked. And the e-book is yours to keep.

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That's how important we feel this information is. We want to get it out. We need to combat the lies that have been fed to the American public about aging from well-meaning, but ill-informed, conventional physicians.

There is simply no reason the last 20-30 years of your life shouldn't be your very best.

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To the best years of your life,

Maria Dolgova
Associate Publisher
Natural Health Dossier

P.S. Remember, the risk is all mine. Read and use this report's recommendations. If you don't feel the difference, drop us a line and we'll refund your entire purchase price. YOU RISK NOTHING TO FEEL A LOT BETTER and STOP AGING IN ITS TRACKS... so get the tools you need, now!

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