Breakthrough Natural Health Discovery Proves:

You Can Prevent,
Even Defeat
Prostate Cancer

Over 200,000 men will be diagnosed this year--
Up to half of them will be left impotent, incontinent,
scarred, and embarrassed

You don't have to be one of them

Arm yourself with over 15 proven cancer prevention tools
and protect yourself from surgery, chemotherapy and radiation

Dear Reader,

I won't candy-coat the facts. Prostate cancer is the single-most common form of cancer among American men.

Cancer is one of the scariest words your doctor can utter. After all, the mainstream's trained us to believe that cancer is an instant death sentence.

That without immediate intervention--painful radiation treatments, risky surgery, and sickening chemotherapy--our hope for survival is virtually nil.

But did you know that most men over 65 who are diagnosed with prostate cancer will never actually die from it?

In fact, if you've been diagnosed with prostate cancer, there isn't a shred of evidence proving that radiation, surgery, or chemo will extend your life by even a day.

That means the painful, potentially harmful, treatments your doctor recommends may be completely unnecessary!


Prostate cancer is such a slow-moving disease that, for many men, it's never life threatening in the first place.

In fact, Dr. Peter B. Bach of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center has evidence proving that the painful, even debilitating treatments for prostate cancer will only save 2% of the men that endure them.

The other 98% never would have died from their prostate cancer regardless of whether or not they opted for treatment. They'd have gone through all that pain, expense, and added health risk for a disease that was never even a threat to their life.

That's a staggering statistic!

But what may be even more shocking is that there are at least 15 simple natural ways to protect yourself from ever getting prostate cancer. And chances are your doctor will never discuss any of them with you.

It's true. Plus, you'll learn about...

The Six Everyday Foods That Can Protect You from
the Mainstream Medical Approach to "Prostate Health"

You need to know the facts.

And you need them today.

The statics show that 50% of men over the age of 50 will experience prostate disease.

Once you hit your 70s and 80s, that percentage can be as high as 80%.

So, before you let some 20-something doctor, fresh out of medical school, coax you into a painful and expensive procedure, more likely to leave you impotent, incontinent, and emasculated than rid you of your cancer...

Arm Yourself with the Truth

And there's only one place to find the whole truth--the facts you need to:

  • Protect yourself against prostate cancer--You'll learn the 15 simple, inexpensive natural secrets you can do to safeguard your prostate today!

  • Learn the truth about this disease--A 2002 New England Journal of Medicine article proves that most men would live just as long if they never even knew they had it!

  • Know the hard facts about your treatment options--Even the American Cancer Society agrees that no treatment at all is often your best option!

  • Understand today's most common cancer detection methods--This "gold standard" in testing has a 25-35% false positive rate!

You can find everything you need to know about prostate cancer in one special report, compiled by the team at Natural Health Dossier--a team of today's most brilliant doctors, researchers, and scientists.

This completely independent group of experts has just put the finishing touches on an invaluable prostate cancer resource proving that you protect yourself not only against prostate cancer...but from the painful, harmful outcomes that can come with today's "standard treatments."

And I'll Send You a Copy Today, Absolutely Risk-Free --
Yours to Check Out for a Full 90 Days

I wouldn't spend my money on worthless information. I certainly wouldn't expect you to either.

That's why I'll give you an opportunity to review this invaluable report for a full 90 days, risk-free.

You'll learn about the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test. It's considered the "gold standard" in prostate cancer screenings.

But the latest research proves that PSA test results are terribly misleading. Find out what it can and can't tell you.

We'll show you the top five foods you should start eating today... and the foods you should avoid at all costs.

And you'll meet George Brown. A vibrant, active, 75-year-old business owner in Denver who was rushed into a course of treatment that left him chemically castrated, incontinent, and impotent.

Even Though Studies Show That George Would Have Lived
Just as Long If He Never Even Knew He Had Cancer!

This is a comprehensive, cutting-edge, and unbiased compendium of information--assembled by a team of natural health experts who are unrivaled in their industry.

And I want to be absolutely sure that there's nothing keeping you from ordering this crucial information right now.

So, if you don't feel that this is the most important prostate cancer resource you've ever laid your eyes on, you have a full 90 days to request a full refund.

But I want to make sure you order this report with every confidence that...

This Information Will Not Only Change
Your Life -- It Could Save It

So, what does it cost to get your hands on this kind of life-changing information?

Well, a one-on-one medical consultation with any of the experts on the Natural Health Dossier team would run you upwards of $100 an hour.

But I wanted to ensure that this information would be accessible to anyone who needs it.

That's why, when you order today, you'll get this comprehensive resource absolutely risk-free for just $24.95.

Way less than you'd spend on a visit to the doctor's office...less than you'd spend on any one of modern medicine's "cures"... and worth every penny if it means...

Protecting Your Prostate, Preserving Your Manhood and
Living a Life Free of Prostate Cancer

And remember, if you aren't thoroughly impressed...if you don't feel that this is the most comprehensive, life-changing report you've ever read, simply ask for a refund within the next 90 days.

We'll give back every penny, no questions asked, and you get to keep the report with our compliments. You risk nothing.

So order today and you'll have immediate access to the most important information a man can own.

Don't wait another second. Order Now!

Yours in good health,

Ian Robinson
Health Research Specialist
Natural Health Dossier

P.S. The word "cancer" evokes terror. And over 200,000 American men will hear the words, "it's prostate cancer" in 2011 alone. That's why you need the facts and you need them now. This thoroughly-researched report will arm you with the facts you need to preserve your manhood and your dignity--even safeguard you against ever getting prostate cancer.  Order today.

P.P.S. Order now and get immediate access to information that just might save your life. And it'll save you from painful, embarrassing, and debilitating treatments that can rob you of your manhood--leaving you impotent and incontinent. So don't wait. Order now and take advantage of our generous 90 day money back guarantee.

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