Discover What a Distinguished Central American Doctor
Says Is...

A Safe Way to Literally Burn Cancer Out of Your Body That's 14 Times More Effective Than Chemotherapy Alone... But Without the Side Effects

Plus read on to learn about:

  • How to Slam the Brakes on Aging and Feel 10 to 15 Years Younger Without Mortgaging the House... (Accidentally discovered in a rare Chinese herb)
  • How to Turn Your Blood Cells into a Disease-Cleansing Army... (From a once-crippled doctor in the Sonoran Desert)
  • The Tell-Tale Signs That You're Developing Diabetes and How to Reverse Your Fate... (From a former supermarket employee)
  • Why You'll Never Have to Worry About the Humiliation That Comes With Alzheimer's Disease and Other Memory Problems...
  • How You Can Reduce Your Prostate Problems... (Thanks to Japanese research on the byproduct of a common American flower)

Why Do Doctors Insist on Poisoning Cancer Patients When There's a Safer, More Effective Treatment Without the Negative Side Effects?

Dear health-conscious friend,

The last place you'd think to look for a revolutionary cancer treatment was Tijuana, Mexico. But that's first place we found it.

Tijuana is known best for its problems... but there's a cancer clinic run by an oncologist who uses an unusual but startlingly effective cancer treatment.

This doctor may be located in Mexico, but his access to the latest research about cancer therapies has no limits. For more than 10 years now he has been traveling the world to learn the best and safest cancer cures from the world's best oncologists...

Some of his earlier research was featured in the book Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide to Cancer and in the documentary film Cancer Conquest.

But most of the mainstream press has been completely ignorant of his achievements. Meanwhile, the research into this cancer therapy progresses every year.

Today this therapy is spreading and doctors are very excited about the success the approach is having. These techniques are curing cases of cancer where most oncologists have given up.

You see, doctors who favor a natural approach to medicine are very concerned about the devastating effects that large doses of chemotherapy can have on the body.

And that was the impetus that spurred the development of this unique protocol that utilizes just a fraction of the chemotherapy that the average oncologist prescribes.

This cutting edge therapy:

  • Is 10,000 times more effective than standard chemotherapy...

  • Doesn't cause nausea, hair loss or excessive weight loss...

  • Draws cancer cells out of hiding and into the open where they're easily eliminated...

Most methods of chemotherapy rely on giving you the strongest possible dose that you can survive... an approach that kills both healthy and damaged cells... then hopes your body can salvage itself after your insides have been poisoned (hopefully, along with the cancer).

But this breakthrough technique relies on the fundamental weakness of cancer: what it feeds on.

Instead of giving strong doses of chemo, doctors injects a powerful natural hormone that literally starves the cancer cells out of hiding. While they're starving, the second stage of the therapy attracts the hungry cancer cells with a fractional dose of chemotherapy that kills them.

This leaves minimal damage to healthy cells in your body, which is why you won't suffer from nausea or hair loss as with standard chemotherapy!

Then They Literally Burn the Cancer Out of Your Body!

This technique is called hyperthermia. It is natural. It is safe. And it has been practiced safely for thousands of years. In fact its origins go back as far as Ancient Egypt.

But you won't hear about hyperthermia on television shows or in magazines. In fact, you won't hear about it in most health publications either. The reason? The big pharmacological companies that make billions from chemotherapy have no money to gain from this natural method.

To develop his method of defeating cancer, a few doctors had to fund all the studies and travel themselves. And they had to do the testing in their own clinics until just the right formula was discovered- the one that doctors on the cutting edge of cancer use today.

This is a natural treatment, but make no mistake about it. This cure is based on science.

You see, cancer cells are weaker than healthy cells. This means they're much more sensitive to heat.

By using a machine manufactured and created in Germany, doctors can safely raise the body's temperature to 104 degrees Fahrenheit for about an hour...

Studies have found that this hyperthermia technique is nearly twice as effective as standard methods of chemotherapy...

But by combining hyperthermia with other therapies, one doctor reports results that are 14 times more effective at eliminating cancer metastases from the body (so they're not lurking around, waiting for a chance to relapse) than using only chemotherapy.

All of your body's healthy cells remain undamaged as your body naturally cools down, but by that time the remaining cancer cells have been burnt to death.

How We Discovered This Amazing Treatment...

Let me slow down for a second and give you some background.My name is Maria Dolgova. You know me as the Associate Publisher of NHD "Health Watch", but I'm also the newest member of a behind-the-scenes health team researching stunning and often hushed-up medical breakthroughs.

It started a few years ago when a multi-millionaire, who we'll call "Mr. M." for privacy, called together an elite team of medical minds...

These were prominent physicians, research scientists, medical reporters, and publishers - all with an interest in natural medicine. The group included three PhDs, three MDs, two nutritionists, three best-selling authors, the publisher of one of the world's largest natural health information services, and now me.

Even with all my experience at Natural Health Dossier, I am humbled to be part of this amazing team of healers.

I didn't know about it before I was hired, but when I was brought onto the team I learned the fascinating history of how this group was formed.

Mr. M became a multimillionaire well before he retired at age 39. During the 18 months that he was retired, he developed an interest in natural medicine after seeing several of his friends and relatives die from infections and complications that came about after they were hospitalized for supposedly routine procedures.

Doctors, the Government, and So-Called Health "Experts" Are Telling You Lies

He began to research the history of modern medicine. And what he quickly discovered was that many of the diseases that are killing people today - cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, to name the top three - were largely caused by changes in the way people ate and exercised since the turn of the twentieth century.

He discovered - to his dismay - that the ideal diet the US government was recommending to its citizens was not the result of independent scientific research but studies funded by industries that were in part causing the very problems the studies were meant to cure.

At that time, the FDA's recommended diet was heavily weighted toward grains - which he discovered were a much bigger cause of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes than the animal fats that medical pundits were warning about on TV.

He also learned that there was no scientifically valid correlation between a person's total cholesterol count and the likelihood that he would develop heart disease. This piece of evidence shocked him because the American Heart Association was telling people at the time that this was the single best way to tell if you are prone to heart disease.

And what were American cardiologists telling their patients? To go on statin drugs... which research had shown, repeatedly, had many dangerous side effects including serious damage to the liver.

Eighteen months after retiring, Mr. M went back to work as a consultant to one of the world's largest newsletter publishers. One of his very first recommendations to his top client was to start a publishing division that focused on researching the true causes of modern diseases and the best natural cures for them.

One of their first actions was to buy a relatively unknown British publication called What Doctors Don't Tell You. This newsletter had uncovered some shocking discoveries about major myths of modern medicine.

Why Mainstream Medicine Just Doesn't Make Sense

In reading their past issues, Mr. M was shocked to find out that many of the most common medical practices in England and America - including many heart bypass operations and mastectomies - had no serious basis in scientific research. Moreover, the newsletter pulled the cover away from the relationship between the large pharmaceutical companies and the government agencies that were established to disseminate information about good health.

This was back in the early 1990s. Nobody back then was talking about this kind of thing. Soon thereafter, Mr. M met with Dr. Atkins, the pioneer researcher into the terrible effect of the government-recommended low-fat, high-starch diet. At that time the mainstream press pilloried Dr. Atkins. But Mr. M's client courageously published his newsletter, which brought the truth about obesity, diabetes and heart disease to the American public.

In the next decade Mr. M was involved in the publication of a half dozen other natural health publications, each of which was headed by doctors who were fed up with the lies and stupidity of the medical establishment and had the guts to expose these lies and stupidities to the American and British public.

Then, about 10 years ago, Mr. M retired again. But this time he continued his work on a consulting basis with several new doctors whose research he admired. He helped them launch a number of breakthrough books and reports.

About three years ago, Mr. M saw an advertisement for a popular sun block. It recommended that everyone wear sun block virtually all the time. The sun, the advertisement said, was the leading cause of skin cancer. This just didn't make sense to Mr. M.

For millennia, people had lived and worked in the sun and stayed healthy... How could it be that in the past 30 years, it suddenly became a dangerous ball of cancer-causing rays?

So he had this researcher, the founding member of this exclusive health team, dig through the thousands and thousands of studies on the properties of the sun that affected people's health...

And What He Discovered
Flipped the Common Perception Upside Down...

It turned out we weren't getting nearly enough sun!

Decades of research prove that the sun stimulates a natural hormone in your skin that prevents and combats cancer. I'll tell you a little bit more about this in a minute...

Mr. M had this researcher turn his findings into a draft for a book. And when that was done he turned it over to one of his doctor friends, the man he most respected in the field of natural medicine.

That book showed that the sun was NOT the major contributor to skin cancer. Other factors - such as the modern diet, stress, and all the chemicals we are exposed to now - were the real cause.

The sun, as the book shows, is nature's way of producing Vitamin D - which is not a vitamin at all, but a natural hormone that is the single best way to fight cancer.

Reading this book is a necessity for anyone who has any concern about skin cancer. Later on in this letter, you will learn about how you can get all the findings in a special report that will be sent to you free for the asking.

This experience aroused Mr. M's curiosity. If there was so much misinformation about skin cancer around, how much misinformation might there be about other forms of cancer?

He realized one researcher and writer wasn't going to be enough... so he assembled a team of the best and brightest researchers and doctors...

And presented them with a unique challenge.

What about people who already have cancer? What is the best way to cure "end stage" cancer?

One of the team members began reciting some cures heard about from prominent alternative health doctors and Mr. M cut him off...

"I know what the medical establishment is saying... But I'm not interested in studies funded by drug companies that might find a solution in ten or twenty years. Find me someone - some serious medical researcher - who is curing cancer right now!"

He assembled the beginning of the team I work for right now. And he gave that team four rules to follow:

  1. They had to find the best science that had real world results...without risky side effects.
  2. The cures had to come from scientists and doctors who were not "bought and paid for by pharmaceutical companies and surgical manufacturers" and who had exceptional credentials and a track record to back them up.
  3. The cures had to be immediately available.
  4. The team had to operate in strict confidence and not reveal Mr. M's identity or the information we found for him.

And one of the team's first assignments was to find the best cure for "end-stage" cancer...

That's why the team ended up looking towards Central America, and a doctor with a combination of modern science and natural techniques.

Our team detailed why and how the process works, and where you can get it without traveling to Mexico... and we delivered our findings directly to Mr. M.

The therapies in this report are a must know for anyone facing cancer...

Keep Reading and I'll Show You How I Convinced Mr. M to Break Rule #4... and How You Can Get Your Hands
on This Amazing Report for FREE

This report, "Burn Cancer Out of Your Body," details...

  • The special hormone that lures cancer cells out of hiding (making chemotherapy 10,000 times more effective)...

  • Why you should never agree to a full dose of chemotherapy when one-tenth of a dose applied the right way is more powerful but doesn't cause hair loss, weight loss, or nausea ...

  • The process of whole body hyperthermia that literally burns the cancer cells out of your body and is twice as effective as chemotherapy alone...

  • Where you can get this treatment and what you absolutely must know before you do...

You're going to get the exact same information that Mr. M ordered...with one slight change.

It will be presented in a newsletter format that is written for the layman. "I want the least amount of medical jargon possible," he said. "If I can't understand it easily, I want you to rewrite it until I can. If we are going to publish this information - to make it available to the general public - then I want the readers to understand everything they need to know.

But Mr. M wasn't finished after the amazing results of our first report on cancer...

How a Biopharmaceutical Company Accidentally Discovered a Natural Solution That Can Slam the Brakes on Aging...

(And how you can get these same results without mortgaging the house)

"Everyone is talking about 'Anti-Aging'..." Mr. M said. "Most of what I read is just poppycock. I am not interested in therapies that do nothing but make you feel a little younger if, in the end, they don't add on years of healthy living to your life."

As it happened Mr. M had another client, his personal physician, who had spent more than two decades researching longevity. "Let's find out everything he has found out," he said. "And then let's ask him to introduce us to other doctors studying longevity. Let's separate the wheat from the chaff. Find out if it is possible to actually stop the aging process - to actually live longer!"

And that is exactly what the team did. And in doing the research they uncovered some amazing finds - natural therapies that could:

  • Supercharge Sexual Energy
  • Boost the Immune System
  • Flatten Out Wrinkled Skin
  • Melt Off Body Fat

We found dozens of wonderful all-natural products. But then we came across one solution that showed amazing potential...

In fact, it's shown such amazing results that an entirely new branch of aging science has sprung up around it. The original discovery was made by a large biopharmaceutical company.

Let me briefly explain how it works...

Imagine an aglet - the protective plastic end piece on your shoelaces... It holds the lace together and keeps it from becoming a frayed mess.

Over time, the aglet wears out and gets shorter, and the ends of your shoelaces start to look worn and frayed. Eventually, if it wears down far enough, the entire lace needs to be replaced.

Well your chromosomes work almost the same way...

They're made up of thousands of linking pieces. These chromosomes have a similar protective end piece called the telomere that holds them together and prevents abnormalities.

As you age, these telomeres get shorter and the chromosomes become less stable... causing a lot of the symptoms that we associate with aging like wrinkled skin and a weakened sexual drive...

Since the telomere was first discovered in 1975, aging scientists have known that there is a proven correlation of the shortening of the telomeres and the signs of aging...

But for many years they thought that we could only slow down their deterioration through a healthy lifestyle.

But then, only a few years ago, a biopharmaceutical company made a stunning discovery.

They Unearthed a Chinese Herb That Contained an Enzyme That Could Actually Lengthen the Telomeres!

When this all-natural therapy was tested on an exclusive group of individuals, the results were more than anyone expected. In double blind, placebo-controlled studies they found...

  • Their immune systems were measurably boosted and strengthened...

  • Eyesight was measurably improved...

  • They reported an improvement in their sexual performance...

  • Their skin became youthful and smooth...

The biopharmaceutical company would have been thrilled at the results...

But... the therapy was a completely natural substance. Since they couldn't synthesize it into a chemical drug and take out a patent, they gave it up as unprofitable.

But it wasn't lost forever...

They leased the technology to a few doctors and genetic researchers specializing in natural aging solutions who continued to study it.

The Millionaires' Anti-Aging Club...

We actually found this amazing substance through the first American doctor to license the technology for his own patients.

And Mr. M was one of the first to use it...

Now there's a reason that only a very exclusive group of people like Mr. M are using this therapy... For the past year, no one else could afford it.

In the last year alone, Mr. M spent $24,000 for this breakthrough therapy.

Was It Worth It?

After six months on the regimen, he went through a series of tests to see how effective it was. And amazingly, he showed across-the-board improvement in:

  • Neurological health (his body's ability to adapt to and recover from stress)

  • Lung capacity (in fact, in this category Mr. M scored as young as a man in his 20s!)

  • Arterial elasticity (dramatically reducing his chance of ever suffering heart disease)

  • And remarkably... and once thought impossible... blood tests proved his telomeres actually got longer!

Of course, these results are amazing... but most people can't afford to put up $24,000 for a year's worth of treatment. There are only a handful of people that would even consider it.

For the Rest of Us, There's Good News...

The research group behind this amazing discovery is currently working on several much less expensive forms of the telomere-lengthening compound.

This doctor realized that in order to help people on an ordinary budget, he would have to find a way to make it affordable for the average family, while keeping its original power.

And after a year of testing, it's nearly ready...

The product he's developing is showing, in initial tests, to have the same ability to:

  • Reenergize then supercharge your sex life...
  • Sharpen your vision...
  • Increase your body's resistance to disease...
  • Make your skin more radiant and youthful...

We've updated and expanded our initial report to Mr. M. It now includes information about this affordable new option, and he's agreed that we can offer you this report, free of charge.

In this report, called "Cracking the Genetic Code to Youth," we'll show you the results of the double blind studies, how this scientific breakthrough can theoretically extend life indefinitely...

And most importantly, when it's ready, we'll show you how you can be one of the first people to get these amazing results for yourself... for a small fraction of what Mr. M had to pay.

Imagine looking and feeling 10 to 20 years younger without diet or exercise...

This is the kind of information you'll have delivered to you month after month... and you'll start by getting the details of this anti-aging wonder, and how you can be the first to claim these benefits for yourself.

As a Teen, This Doctor Could Barely Walk Up a Flight of Stairs... Now, at 74 Years Old, His Heart Is Strong Enough to Bike Straight Up a Mountain!

Heart disease is America's number one killer. It's held that spot for decades despite an unheard-of 12 million Americans on dangerous cholesterol-lowering medication...

So Mr. M's next assignment wasn't a surprise to anyone...

"Find me a foolproof cure for heart disease."

The team's first challenge was sifting through the noise and uncovering the real cause of heart disease.

The majority of doctors, both traditional and those who use natural methods, focus on plaque and cholesterol. But few of them have the track record of the genius doctor the team found in Arizona.

In fact, in 20 years he claims to have never lost a patient to stroke or heart attack...

His name is Dr. Garry Gordon, M.D., D.O., M.D.(H), and he's been practicing medicine since 1958.

He literally wrote the book on Omega-3 fatty acids, The Omega-3 Miracle. He's the co-founder of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) and an advisor to the American Board of Chelation Therapy.

When Garry Gordon speaks, doctors listen.

"Treat the Blood, Not the Vessel"

For the same reason you can't wash the dishes in muddy water, you can't cure heart disease without clean blood.

In most cases, heart disease isn't caused by faulty arteries, but by problems in your blood.

Up to 85% of heart attacks are caused by blood clots, not the plaque that shows up on CAT scans and in arteriograms.

But new science reveals that the real number one killer of Americans is...

Infection and Inflammation

You see, it's really infection and inflammation (and invisible "vulnerable plaque") that cause heart attacks... And you can't treat either of these with surgery, which is why we haven't found a significant reduction in heart attacks or deaths in patients who've undergone surgery.

So how do we treat inflammation?

With Doctor Gordon's three-step process:

  1. The Safe, Ultra-Effective, All-Natural European Supplement

This all-natural anti-inflammatory enzyme has all the benefits of Aspirin-like drugs but without the high incidence of gastrointestinal bleeding.

More than 100 million people throughout Europe have used it over a 30-year period with no reported side effects.

  1. The Natural Blood-Clot Buster

The next step is another enzyme with a remarkable but different purpose... this amazing substance, first discovered in fermented tofu in Japan, chews away at any hidden blood clots.

Dr. Gordon says, "It is more potent than the clot-busting intravenous drugs we use [in the hospital]; yet, paradoxically, it is completely safe."

In lab tests, you can actually watch under a microscope as this amazing substance searches the blood and breaks down dangerous clots that your doctor may not even be able to find.

  1. Detox the Blood with a Mineral from Million-Year-Old Volcanic Rock

You see, we're eating heavy metals every day. They're in our food, in our drinks, and even in the air we breathe...

It's well documented that we're born with 1,000 times more lead in our bones than anyone had just 400 years ago. To protect against poisoning, our body traps as much of these heavy metals as it can with calcium deposits and stores them in our arterial walls...

This means we have an excess of these protective calcium deposits that have hardened our arteries.

But Dr. Gordon uses a substance made from million-year-old volcanic rock.

This "rock" is actually a negatively charged mineral with a unique structure with millions of little "chambers."

The negative charge on this mineral pulls the heavy metals out of the calcium in your arteries, traps them perfectly in it's chambers, and transports them safely out of your body.

For our report to Mr. M, we revealed how these three methods combine to beat even the most advanced cases of heart disease...

When you get your hands on it, you'll have breakthrough information about:

  • An all-natural anti-inflammatory from Europe that works better than aspirin but has never caused a single death...

  • A supplement from Japan made from fermented tofu that literally eats away the blood clots that cause 85% of heart attacks... (You might not be able to stomach tofu, but this supplement can literally save your life!)

  • A mineral from volcanic rock that magnetically attracts the heavy metals in your blood, capturing them in "cages" and transporting them safely out of your body... (Heavy metals like lead and mercury can destroy your arteries and are a major cause of inflammation.)

"Physician, Heal Thyself"

Dr. Gordon is his own best case study.

As a child, he suffered from extreme sickness and weakness. Some of this was caused by his early onset heart disease...

Despite the best medical attention, no one was able to help him.

So he studied. And his studies not only saved his life, they brought him extraordinary energy, well into his 70s.

Dr. Gordon is no longer weak or sick. He's one of the most active and healthy "seniors" you'll ever meet. In fact, he's healthier than many people a quarter of his age.

At 74 years old, one of his favorite pastimes is riding his bicycle... up and down the mountains in the Sonoran Desert!

Since he spent the first half of his life too sick to enjoy himself, he's not going to spend the second half worrying about what he eats or what he can do.

And neither are people who use his system.

This is one of the most informative and powerful reports we ever delivered to Mr. M. And I can't wait for you to read about Dr. Gordon's system in your FREE special report, "Fight for Your Heart."

Don't risk your heart for another minute. Claim Mr. M's classified reports right now.

The Telltale Signs That You're Developing Diabetes
and How to Reverse Your Fate

Diabetes is a plague of modern society. Millions of people are already living with it and the numbers continue to grow at an alarming rate.

Every year, diabetics lose their vision, their limbs, or worse: unmanaged diabetes can and will kill you.

But it's not written in your genes that you have to get diabetes... In fact with a few simple precautions, you can easily avoid this life-altering condition.

And if you're already living with it, it's actually possible to eliminate it from your life by taking the steps we'll give you.

You'll discover:

  • Why your constant fatigue and lack of concentration may actually not be due to age... but a warning that you're at high risk for diabetes...

  • How to get your energy back and eliminate the fear of diabetes from your life...

  • Why the medical establishment has failed to cure diabetes and why some natural cures may not be working (and we'll show you the cures that are working)...

  • The hidden metabolic factors that can lead to diabetes and the cheap nutrients you can use to overcome them...

  • How to recognize the early signs of diabetes and save yourself from cataracts, low energy, and weight gain... and even blindness and kidney failure!

Never Face the Humiliation
of Losing Your Memory as You Age...

We joke about memory loss as we get older and start misplacing keys and struggling to remember names... but that's only because we're scared of what it could mean.

No one wants to sit in embarrassed silence, worried that if you open your mouth you'll just be repeating something you said 10 minutes ago...

And worse than that, if you develop a severe case, like Alzheimer's, people talk to you like a child and constantly follow you around, worried you're going to get lost or injured. It may have happened to your parents, or even one of your friends...

But it's not inevitable. Let us show you:

  • A surprising way to "exercise" your mind and improve your memory in only 12 minutes a day...

  • How to enhance your cognitive reserve and strengthen your brain so you never fall victim to Alzheimer's...

  • The natural supplement that increases the amount of your brain's "memory chemical"...

  • An early warning sign of approaching memory impairment related to a neuron-damaging protein that may be building up in your brain (and 3 easy steps to reduce it)...

Enjoy Digestive Peace at Last...
without a Prescription or a Crazy Diet

Often, doctors just throw up their hands and let you suffer through your digestive problems. They think it's just a little bit of discomfort that you can live with. Well that's just not true...

And when you do find something that claims to help, it only masks the symptoms temporarily.

But you don't have to suffer. In fact, once you learn these simple remedies, you'll wonder how you ever lived with digestive problems in the past... and you'll be a hero to everyone you know who still suffers from them...

You'll discover:

  • The one supplement that Harvard Medical School researchers say can - in some cases - help treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome and chronic diarrhea and what Dr. Garry Gordon says is more important than a daily multi-vitamin...
  • How to improve the motility of your gut to reduce and possibly eliminate indigestion, gas, and bloating....
  • One rare supplement that works as a natural regulator and cleanser for your colon...

Nature's Powerful Cure for Prostate Problems

As many as 50% of men experience symptoms of an enlarged prostate by age 60... That number leaps up to 90% by age 85...

If you've suffered from an enlarged prostate, you know the feeling of frustration as you stand over the toilet and nothing happens... of getting up three or four times a night... of never being able to fully empty your bladder.

And then there's the embarrassment when you have to suck up the courage to tell your doctor...

Of course, it's nothing to be embarrassed about... but now, thanks to a byproduct of a common flower, it's not even something you'll have to worry about.

You'll hear about an all-natural product that clinical studies in Japan and elsewhere have proven to work:

  • Residual urine decreased by 92%
  • Urine force and flow improved by 86%
  • Need to urinate at night dropped by 85%
  • The feeling of strain during urination dropped by 56%

The Truth About Detox Madness

We've all seen the headlines. There's lead in toys from China. Pregnant women shouldn't eat tuna fish. BPA in plastics may cause infertility...

Unfortunately, these headlines have spurred on the sale of ineffective "cleansing" cures like juice fasts, herbal bowel cleanses, and colonics... and a few other fringe ideas that border on the ridiculous.

But heavy metals and chemical toxins are a big problem, and they can contribute to insulin resistance, heart disease, cancer, and more. Some of them have also been linked to neurological diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

  • How you consume heavy metals and other toxins and the types of damage they're really causing...

  • How to reduce your body's absorption of chemicals and toxins and enhance your body's ability to remove them (the essence of detoxification)...

  • Why it's essential to detox your body in two phases (and what those two phases require)...

  • Which food and food combinations can help your body naturally eliminate toxins...

  • Why even the EPA is now more closely examining environmental pollutants like pesticide...

  • Why there may be mercury in your ketchup and several other common foods (and what you can look for to avoid consuming it)...

  • How to test for toxicity in your body and which kinds of doctors are most likely to check (even small amounts of heavy metals and pesticide in your blood can trigger or agitate any chronic condition)...

  • How to eliminate toxins from your home environment...

  • Which supplements you can take that support your body's natural to eliminate these poisons from your body (and how to use them safely and effectively)...

Is Low Thyroid the Origin of Your Chronic Disease?

Signs and Symptoms
of Low Thyroid Function

  • Slow heart rate
  • Aching muscles
  • Weight gain
  • Poor coordination
  • Decreased metabolic rate
  • Depression
  • Intolerance to cold
  • Fatigue, insomnia
  • Elevated cholesterol
  • Poor concentration
  • Hoarseness
  • Infertility
  • Dry hair, skin, nails
  • Increased menstrual flow
  • Constipation
  • Swollen eyelids
  • Poor appetite
  • Low body temperature
  • Reduced rate of breathing

You may be wondering why your metabolism has come to agrinding halt... why you can't shed even a few pounds and keep them off... why you're exhausted all day long, no matter how much caffeine you drink.

But it's not just that... you feel "bland" and your thoughts are sometimes fuzzy and confused.

Your doctor may have told you that sounds like hypo- thyroidism (low thyroid), but the lab tests said your thyroid was fine.

Now both you and your doctor are confused... and you're both likely to blame all of your symptoms on aging or stress.

But there's much more to thyroid testing than your doctor may have used...

The more symptoms of hypothyroidism you have, the deeper you should dig for the solution.

Let us show you:

  • Four tests that go beyond the standard lab test for low thyroid and can reveal hidden problems that may be the cause of your fatigue, slow metabolism, and fuzzy thinking...

  • Why correcting your thyroid can solve constipation better than any amount of fiber (if fiber hasn't been working to clear your constipation, you'll discover what will)...

  • Why many mainstream treatments for hypothyroidism fail to address the underlying causes and which supplement can start correcting your thyroid function...

  • 10 hyper-effective minerals and nutrients that can improve your thyroid function...

Why Mr. M Is Releasing His Private Reports
on Curing Cancer, Becoming Younger
and Beating Heart Disease at Any Stage...

You remember that Mr. M gave us 4 rules before he even handed us our first assignment...

  1. We had to find the best science that had real world results...without risky side effects.
  2. The cures had to come from scientists and doctors with exceptional credentials and a track record to back them up.
  3. The cures had to be immediately available.
  4. We had to operate in strict confidence and not reveal his identity or the information we found for him.

You also remember that I said he had recently agreed to make these reports available through a private publication issued directly from our research team.

The reason he is publishing these reports is simply this: although he was an instrumental part of the publication of more than a dozen books and newsletters on natural health, he has always dreamed of publishing the research findings of all the doctors and scientists he most admires as well as the reports his private research team has been producing.

Earlier this year, in a discussion with us about how to market a newsletter on natural health, he put forward this proposition: If we would agree to continue to abide by the four rules he had set for his research team and include the findings of his personal physician (the doctor he most respects in the natural health field) as well as new ones we discovered, he would put the full weight of his resources behind us to make us successful.

"My goal is to distribute the best natural health publication in the world. First in America. Then in England. And then in the rest of the English speaking world."

Natural Health Dossier

To market the newsletter, Mr. M suggested we break Rule #4 and give you - for FREE - all the information we had gathered for him.

Even better than that, we will continue to work as a team roaming the world (in person and through our network of research institutions) to bring you all the most powerful new, natural cures from the brightest doctors and research scientists, every month.

Plus, we will keep you posted on the cures we are looking into. The moment we find something that meets Mr. M's criteria, we will prepare a special report which we will either include with the newsletter or send you separately without cost.

Whenever possible, we will provide you with all the details you need to access these new cures immediately. You will get the doctor's qualifications, a report on his research methodology, a "track record" of the success he has had with it, and contact information.

In addition, we will report the results that our readers have had with the new cures, so that you can get a full and fair view of what you can expect.

We're calling our new service Natural Health Dossier. And we believe it is unlike any other publication of any kind available today.

For one thing, Natural Health Dossier is not the opinion of a single doctor with a single point of view.

The Latest Research and the Newest Natural Cures
from the Brightest Doctors and Scientists Around the Globe

Mr. M has probably read every consumer health publication that has been published in the past 20 years.

"Most of them do the same thing," he says. "They give you tips on healthful eating and they report on the healthful properties of common natural products such as CoQ10 and saw palmetto. That's fine. There was nothing like this available when I started reading about natural health 20 years ago.

"But of the dozens of publications that are put out today by doctors and chiropractors and health practitioners, there are only about three or four that are giving the public anything new. The rest are content with rehashing stuff I was reading about ten years ago.

"Of those three or four publications, all but one provides its readers with the research and opinions of a single doctor. There is no way that one man with a busy practice and the demands of writing a newsletter can possibly keep up with all the new information that is available today through specialized search available on the Internet."

No Outside Interests - No Outside Interference

Another distinguishing feature of Natural Health Dossier is that it is entirely independent of the tainted "health news" sources that some of the more popular health magazines subscribe to.

All our findings come from the independent research of the team that Mr. M assembled. None of it has to be "approved" by any advertising committees or government organizations.

It comes to you straight and "undoctored," just as we got it... with full details and complete results and everything you need to understand how you can benefit from the therapy or cure right away.

And only Natural Health Dossier is permitted to release all the research findings that have been done for Mr. M and continue to provide its readers with new reports as they are issued.

As a Natural Health Dossier reader you will always be confident that:

  • You are getting the latest natural cures from around the world.

  • You will be introduced to the doctor or research scientist chiefly responsible for these new cures.

  • Our research team will carefully examine both the doctor and the cures.

  • Only what we believe is new and effective and immediately available will be brought to you.

  • You will get full access to the "track record" of the cures we bring to you each month, including the responses of other readers.

Truly Amazing Cures

Some of these cures are amazingly simple and inexpensive... some have a slightly higher-than-average cost.

But all of them work right now, and they're always the best.

Nothing is more expensive than suffering longer than you need to.

If you've been suffering from a restricted diet for fear of heart disease...

If you've been living in fear of cancer or are fighting it right now...

If you're feeling old and think it's just part of life...

Then these cures are going to seem like magic...

But they're not magic at all... they're proven health science... they just look like miracles to people who have been tricked into searching for answers in the wrong places their whole lives.

And if you're willing to act now, you can become a founding member of Natural Health Dossier and get a year-long membership for an incredibly low rate...

Plus receive these three free reports as our gift just for coming along for the ride.

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You'll get a new report every single month, delivered by email for speed and convenience, just days after they're delivered to and approved by Mr. M.

But he wants to do more than that. To get you to your optimal health as soon as possible, we're giving you another free report tailored especially for you...

The Three Myths of Fat Loss Exposed

When you picture yourself in the "ideal body," do you see yourself with a flat stomach catching admiring eyes on the beach?

Or do you picture yourself fitting into that old shirt that you remember looking so good on you?

Or... do you picture yourself at 90 years old with a strong body, a stronger mind, running through the back yard playing tag with your great grandchildren?

Well there's good news! In this special report, you'll learn about a few ways you can easily and effectively shed the flab...

In this free report, "The Hormonal Secret to Permanent Fat Loss," you'll learn:

  • How to eliminate your "emotional craving" for toxic foods...
  • Why exercise is not the key to losing weight (the secret of dropping the love handles without breaking a sweat)...
  • Why 20 years of the "low fat" diet fad has led to 65% of Americans developing a weight problem...
  • The desperate dieter's technique that trains your body to store fat...
  • Why the BMI (body mass index) test is hogwash and how to really learn how much weight you need to lose (the real number might surprise you)...

In addition to the Fat Loss Myths, we're offering one more free report that covers what might be the most important medical discovery in the past 100 years...

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Can You Afford Better Health Than a Multimillionaire?

With the rising cost of insurance, and the daunting changes in the health care system that are just around the corner, the only way to stay alive is by keeping yourself informed.

That's why Mr. M formed our research team... because he wasn't satisfied relying on the information given to him by doctors who have to do what the government tells them for fear of losing their license.

He wasn't satisfied listening to one or two alternative health gurus with vested interest in selling their own systems or limited resources for finding the best new cures.

He needed to know exactly what was working best, right now, no matter who was offering it.

These cures come from Central America to China... from Europe to Phoenix...

We go wherever the best cures are being administered and we bring them back to Mr. M...

...and to you too, if you're willing to click your mouse right now and claim them.

By becoming a founding member of Natural Health Dossier you will be getting the exact same health information as a multi-millionaire with a dedicated private research team scouring the world...

And all for one low yearly fee.

What Is Your Health Worth to You?

The cost of the research that goes into Natural Health Dossier is substantial. If it were priced as a privately circulated report, it could easily cost you thousands of dollars a year.

And to tell you the truth... there was a moment when, in discussing the publication, we considered doing that. But that was quickly dismissed because it would establish yet another experience where only the wealthy have access to the best medicine.

In the future we are thinking of charging $30 a month for Natural Health Dossier. We believe that all the advantages it will offer people will make it very popular at that price.

But because this is a pre-publication offer... and a way for us to see just how many people are interested in joining Natural Health Dossier... we are making it available to you for only $5 a month ($59 a year).

But that's only if you are one of the first to respond to this offer.

Five dollars a month is less than 17 cents a day. That's less than you pay for your coffee. Less than you pay for a donut. Less than you pay for a subway token.

And think about what you are getting: a charter subscription to a one-of-a-kind publication that will provide you with all the latest research on new natural cures from the brightest doctors and research scientists from all around the world!

Surely your health is worth 17 cents a day to you!

Here's Exactly What You're Getting:

  • 1 Monthly Issue of Natural Health Dossier, delivered by email and stored in your personal members section of the website so you'll always have access to all the past reports.

  • Four Free Reports:

    • Burn Cancer Out of Your Body
    • Fight for Your Heart
    • Cracking the Genetic Code to Youth
    • The Hormonal Secret to Permanent Fat Loss

  • Full access to The Healing Prescription Library, where you'll get the answers to

    • Low thyroid's link to chronic disease and why you might be misdiagnosed with standard tests alone...
    • The truth about detox madness...
    • Why diabetes isn't an unavoidable fate and how to potentially reverse the symptoms you already have...
    • Why you'll never have to worry about the humiliation that comes with Alzheimer's disease and other memory problems...
    • And many other health problems in the 18 special reports included in the library!

Yes! Enroll Me as a Founding Member in Natural Health Dossier and Send Me My Free Reports Immediately!

If, God-forbid, you're struck with a crippling disease... will you rely on the advice of your doctor and the one or two medical journals he reads every year?

Or will you already be prepared with the best cure that was hidden in a remote place your doctor never would have thought to look?

Are you going to hope your doctor knows the best way to treat you, or are you going to face whatever you come up against already armed with the information you need?

The choice is yours. If you take advantage of this offer at the low price we're offering right now, you'll get a new health breakthrough every month, delivered in the exact format given to our mysterious multi-millionaire.

Let other people learn to live with their disease or roll the dice with their doctor...

You'll know the exact path you need to take to live longer, and Natural Health Dossier will set you on that path faster.

To your health,

Maria Dolgova
Associate Publisher
Natural Health Dossier

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P.S. Of course, if at any time you're not 100% satisfied with your order, you can simply contact us for a hassle-free refund of your pro-rated membership costs, and you get to keep all of the bonuses as our gift just for trying it out. But I'm confident that you'll consider this information a steal at the price.

P.P.S. Remember the first report about the sun that started this whole, wild journey? Well if you order right now, in addition to the four free reports we've already detailed... and your access to the entire Healing Prescription Library... we'll include that original report:

The Sun Report:
What You Absolutely Need To Know About Vitamin D

You may already be aware that the sun's ability to stimulate Vitamin D is one of the best ways to avoid getting cancer.

There's much more to the story than we've had time to tell you about in our free e-letter.

In this powerful free report, you'll get valuable information about...

  • Why your doctor might say that you have normal vitamin D levels even if you're severely deficient...

  • The simple and affordable blood test that will test your vitamin D levels and tell you if you have catching up to do or not...

  • Exactly which vitamin D supplements you should be taking and how to make sure you're not taking unsafe doses...

If you're ready for the cold hard facts about what Dr. Al Sears calls "The most critical vitamin your doctor may overlook," then you need to read this report.

Don't risk your life for another minute... order right now.

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